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Meet Our Team

Our Family has been Rescuing Animals Since 1997

Kaitlen & Tiffany are sisters whom appreciate

All God's Creations.

Ever since they could save up their piggybank money, they have rescued cats, dogs, bunnies, hamsters from their local animal shelters. They also found many stray animals to include a parrot name Jack, which they rescued and

adopted out.

Both their parents come from a

long line of Ranchers.

Their mother Timea, grew up learning about horses from her father Andy Csonka, who was a Hungarian Cowboy back in his younger years. Their family and their neighbors in

Dormand, Hungary owned 20 plus horses combined and Andy was in charge of them all. He taught Kaiti and Tiffi many traditional

Hungarian Horsemanship techniques

and tricks growing up. 

Their great-grandfather Benton C. Frye, was an American Veteran from a mixed Apache Native and Scottish family. He lost his parents at an early age, and he was adopted by his Scottish Uncle who raised him on a farm. Benton, owned several horses in his adult life and passed all his knowledge of them to Jayson C. Frye their father, who passed that knowledge to his daughters.


Their grand-aunt Debbi Flint is always available to help the girls, sharing her knowledge and experience from years of owning horses. 

Since they were 6 and 7 years old, they have rode and taken care of horses.

One year their parents even had the entire street closed down for their birthday party because horses had to be part of their birthdays. ​

In 2017, with their combined love of saving animals and

their passion for horses, they began

Equine Roots by rescuing

wild and domesticated horses  

from all over Nevada.

They are in their early 20's and the sisters

have not only opened up their own nonprofit 

Equine Roots Rescue,

but they are attending

American Military University,

honoring their father

who is a

100% Disabled Marine Veteran.

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